Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty Tuo vs Ugly Tuo

Ladies and Gentlemen... tonight's main event is a steel cage match-up between longtime Xiao Tuocha (小沱茶) puer rivals!

In the steel cage!

In this corner, weighing in at 4.12 grams, our returning champion, "Pretty Boy Tuo"...

Pretty Boy:

Pretty Boy showing off his nice physique:

...and in this corner, weighing in at a mere 4.02 grams, tonight's challenger, "Ugly Joe Tuo"!

Ugly Joe:

Joe minus that tattered rag:

Ding! and there's the bell. Pretty Boy started round one with a full bodied brew, though his tea soup was a bit "thinner" than Ugly Joe's more luscious broth. Ugly Joe wins round one with complex, and almost "keemun-like" punch (pardon the pun).

Round 1 goes to Ugly Joe!

Ding! Round two is off to a great start with both combatants putting forth a thick black infusion. This time Pretty Boy pulls ahead with a divine "milky smooth" brew. Joe falls short with a distinct "dirt" taste that distracts from the infusion's redeeming qualities.

Round 2 goes to Pretty Boy!

This steel cage match-up went on for 3 more exciting rounds with each tuocha presenting great cups of dark puer tea. The referees (me and Shu Shu) decided to relax, stop taking notes, zone out and enjoy these luscious teas. In the fifth and last round Ugly Joe came through with a slightly darker color and a more pleasant flavor.

And the winner is... UGLY JOE! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! (...and the crowd goes wild!)


Alanna said...

Wow, that post was a real knockout! I always love it when the underdog pulls ahead in a last-minute victory!

Jamus said...

Well said my friend. Moral of the story: Never judge a tuo by it's wrapper. The colour of that soup was intense. Hope you walked away unscathed! Thanks for the entertaining post.