Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shu Shu's Mandarin Lesson #2

Nǐhǎo (你好, hello) blog-buddies! It's your favorite little tea dragon "Shu Shu" here. Every month I prepare a few random phrases for you in Mandarin Chinese and Pinyin and then I post them here on my péngyou (朋友, friend) Brett's tea blog.

Today's phrases are:

貅貅是我最喜歡的小茶龍! = Shu Shu is my favorite little tea dragon!
貅貅 = Xiūxiū (That is my name in Chinese. It's pronounced kind of like "Shee-oh Shee-oh)
是 = Shì (pronouced like "sure") = Shì is the Chinese verb "to be." In this case it means "is."
我 = Wǒ (sounds like "woe") = This is the Chinese pronoun for "I or Me."
最喜歡 = Zuì Xǐhuan (Zui sounds kinda like "zoo-eh") (Xi sounds like "she") = favorite
的 = De (pronounced "duh") is a particle. One of its uses is to link an adjective with whatever it's describing and that's what it's doing in this sentance.
小 = Xiǎo = Little
茶 = Chá = Tea
龍 = Lóng = Dragon

他很帥 = He is very handsome.
他 = Tā = This is the Chinese pronoun for "He."
很 = Hěn (An "e" in Pinyin sounds like a "u" so pronounce this like "hun") = Very
帥 = Shuài (Sounds like "Shoe-eye" ran together and said very quickly) = Handsome
* Grammar note. Literally I said "He Very Handsome." The word 是 (Shì)(is) is usually left out of these short descriptive sentences.

梅子我都吃了 = I ate all the plums.
梅子 = Méizi (Mei is pronounced "May") = Plum or Plums
我 = Wǒ (see above) = I
都 = Dōu (sounds like "dough") = All
吃 = Chī (kind of sounds like "chur") = eat
了 = Le (pronounced "luh") = a particle that "completes an action" so in this case it means the "eating is finished" or "I ate them all.")

Thank you Teacher!

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