Thursday, November 18, 2021

Gongfu Cha (工夫茶) Demonstration Video!

Hi Tea Friends! It's been a whole year since I popped into this space. I still drink lots of loose leaf tea but my main gig at this point in my life has been playing and teaching Ukulele and Guitar. My other passion these day is supporting my brilliant wife Alanna's emerging career as an Author!

Today I'm bringing you a video that combines my 3 passions! 

1. It's a Gongfu Cha demonstration video!

2.  It supports my wife's new book Within Every Flame!

3.  It features my original tune Tiger Relay! 

Within Every Flame is book 3 of her AMAZING Call of the Crow Quartet. If you've been "sleeping" on her first two books, When We Vanished (#1) and Where Shadows Grow (#2)... what are you waiting for!? These books are so so good. So good, that they make my heart ache... but in a good way somehow! :) All of Alanna's books are so rich with darkness, light, emotion, plot, intrigue, and many amazing characters. I've read them a few times now and each time I make new connections and discover fascinating new details. 

You can buy Alanna Peterson's printed books or ebooks from our indie publishing company Rootcity Press (US customers only) or order them from your favorite bookstore (available in many countries)!