Monday, August 10, 2009

Regarding this blog

I started this tea blog in September of 2008 to help promote my tea related business projects. The blog has grown to include tea education, tea reviews, occasional silliness and many personal stories. I have learned a lot about myself and tea by blogging and find it to be a very rewarding hobby.

All of the writing and photos in this blog are my original property. Please ask me first if you want to use any of my content.

I promise to always fully disclose my connection with any tea or vendor that I review. Because I am an active part of the international tea industry, I will have some personal biases. Sometimes I even review things that I am currently selling or that my friends are selling. I strive to keep all posts "bias free." But my readers should be reminded that all of my reviews (teas, products, vendors etc.) are simply my opinions and are no better or more valid than your own opinions.

I welcome all constructive comments or concerns about my content.

Thank you,
Brett Boynton

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