Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teacup Tea Classes - May 2010

I am excited to host these two brand new tea classes this month at Teacup (2128 Queen Anne Ave. N. Seattle, WA, 98109).

May 13, 2010 - 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Introduction to Puer Tea - I'm finally teaching a puer tea class at Teacup! In this class we'll talk about different puer tea varieties and production methods. I will bring in several examples of young and aged tea to taste and we will use traditional Chinese teaware for a more authentic sampling experience.

May 20, 2010 - 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Tea Hardware Show-and-Tell - In this class we will explore many different kinds of teaware from around the world. I will bring in some of my own beautiful, and interesting teaware for show-and-tell and each guest should bring at least one tea related item as well. We will discuss what makes a good teapot, kettle, strainer, cozy or other "tea gadget," and share a sampling of fine teas brewed using our own special "tea hardware."

These evening classes cost $3 per guest and require a RSVP. It's sometimes OK to RSVP even on the same day. You may RSVP anytime by visiting or calling the Teacup (206-283-5931) or by emailing me at I will let you know as new classes are scheduled, and please feel free to suggest a class idea on a subject you'd like to learn more about. I hope to see you soon at a class!

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