Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sugimoto's Spring 2010 Temomi Shincha

I recently treated myself to a selection of Sugimoto Tea Company's 2010 Shincha (新茶) for my own personal enjoyment. Today I am savoring the rarest of my new treasures, a tea called Temomi Shincha. According to my Seattle tea friend Kyohei Sugimoto, this tea was entirely handmade by his mother on April 23, 2010.

Look at these beauties.

I followed Kyohei's brewing instructions as seen on his blog (linked here) and steeped the tea five times. The broth had a pale yellow color with a thick sheen of tea oil sparkling on the surface. The aroma was sweet and pungent, reminding me slightly of newly mowed lawn and light spring rain.

I have never had a tea like Temomi Shincha before. It was extremely buttery, but also vibrant and grassy. It was a little bit like drinking warm unsalted vegetable broth and the tea left me feeling comfortable and nourished.

After the session I nibbled some of the spent leaves. They were the most tender tea leaves I have ever eaten!


Sir William of the Leaf said...

That is probably the most beautiful sencha that I have ever seen.

CindyW said...

Wow -- that looks like a beautiful sencha. I've had some of the SA teas before (a tin of the genmaicha is curretnly sitting on my counter), but I had no idea they offered other special teas.

Zero the Hero said...

Really interesting post Brett. I've never seen a Japanese green that looked like that!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting on a shincha to arrive. I will try Kyohei's brewing method. Thanks for the posting.

Flavored black tea said...

I’m hoping to open a tea shop in small NV town soon – your reviews will be of great assistance when I begin buying my inventory.