Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring 2010 Meishan High Mountain Oolong

On May 25, I answered a phone call from a local tea lover named George. George told me that he used to live in Taiwan and continues to travel there frequently in search of great tea. He went on to describe a high quality Meishan (Plum Mountain) (梅山) high mountain oolong that he hoped I would buy for resale at Teacup. I told him I was interested in tasting his tea and so we arranged to meet later that afternoon.

George and I had a nice time drinking tea, but unfortunately, it was cut far too short by my own schedule. Fortunately, we met again this afternoon and after a wonderfully serene and cordial gong fu tea session, I felt ready to do business with my new tea friend.

He told me this tea was obtained directly from the farmer, a friend of his who farms organically, and that it was produced earlier this very month. George stressed his commitment to only buying, promoting, and consuming clean and natural teas and foods. In the end his tea spoke for itself and I was able to purchase a couple pounds of his delicious Meishan tea for Teacup!

the leaf

The oxidation and roast on this Meishan tea is at a medium level. It has a nice hint of baked tea flavor that pops up from time to time but it is only half as roasty as that Meishan Beihou (梅山焙火) tea that so many friends coveted after my winter buying trip.

For me this tea has amazing texture and depth and it feels very thick and creamy when I roll it around inside my mouth. Some infusions presented a sweet butterscotch aroma while others had more fruity, ripe-peachy, notes.

Obviously I have a clear bias when I review a tea that I am currently selling, but as I've said before these reviews are just my opinions and they're no better or more valid than your own. This oolong leaves me feeling satisfied, it makes my brain produce some happy, mellowing chemicals, and it sits comfortably in my stomach. In the end, that's what keeps me drinking these special teas.

the liquor

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Shai Williams said...

That tea sounds wonderful! I have to get up to Seattle and check out your teashop