Monday, November 24, 2008

The Story of Shu Shu the Tea Dragon

Once upon a time in Beijing, China there lived a little tea dragon named Shu Shu. Shu Shu was 500 years old (or about 10 years old in human years). Every day he rode his bicycle down to the tea house, where his good friend "Old Wang" made tea. Tea dragons, like Shu Shu, do not drink tea through their mouths like we humans do. Instead, they enjoy hot tea showers. Old Wang would brew many pots of delicious tea and after he and his guests had savored the taste and aroma, Old Wang would pour a little tea over Shu Shu. As the steaming hot tea evaporated off of Shu Shu's head and back, it conditioned Shu Shu's clay skin. After many years of hot tea showers Shu Shu hopes to have very soft and shiny skin... for that is the dream of every tea dragon!

Our Hero Shu Shu:

Besides tea, Shu Shu also loved to read. He spent many hours at libraries and bookstores happily reading as much as he could. He read everything he could get his claws on, from fiction to cookbooks. If he wasn't at the tea house with Old Wang, he would be found with his snout in a book!

He really loves to read!:

One day, while enjoying a nice tea shower with Old Wang, Shu Shu was very sad. Old Wang is a very kind and perceptive man, and so he asked Shu Shu, "Why are you so sad today my little dragon friend?"

"I am so sad today because I have read every book in China! I do not know what to do. I need new books to enjoy," answered Shu Shu, as tears rolled down his scaly clay cheeks.

Drinking tea with Old Wang:

"Oh dear," said Old Wang, "That is terrible news, but do not worry, I have a plan. This afternoon a very nice couple from America are coming over to have tea with us. We shall ask them to adopt you and bring you back to their home in Seattle. In America you will find millions of new books to enjoy. They should keep you busy for a long time."

"That is a wonderful plan," Shu Shu replied "But what about tea? You know I cannot live without my hot tea showers!"

"Do not worry, Shu Shu. This couple loves good Chinese tea and they will make sure that you get many showers of steaming hot oolong, green, puer and red tea!"

That afternoon, Shu Shu met Brian and Susan. They were very cool and he liked them right away. They had spent the last decade traveling around the world in their pedal-powered, zero emissions hot air balloon!

Brian and Susan were happy to help Shu Shu immigrate to America but they would be unable to provide enough tea showers and books for the cute little guy, so they arranged to have Shu Shu adopted by their friend Brett.

Old Wang and Shu Shu said their goodbyes. Although they were a bit sad they knew that they would meet again someday, and that this was a wonderful opportunity for Shu Shu.

Brian, Susan and Shu Shu flew home to America where Shu Shu met his new family. Brett, Alanna and Cora took an instant liking to the bookish little dragon... and they lived happily ever after!

Part of our family:


Alanna said...

Glad to have you as part of the family, Shu Shu! But, looking at you with that big stack of books, I realized that we might be getting a little low on tea dragon reading material. You sure do love to read!

Jessie said...

That is now my favorite story ever. I can't wait to read it to my own children in the coming years... Give my love to Shu Shu!

Anonymous said...

You should give him an American transliteration of "Dream of the Red Chambers" he can clamor over! Bet that would rock the boat!

Anonymous said...

my nicname is Shu Shu!!!