Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Aged Puer Tea "Garage Sale"

Hi Tea Friends! It's been a long time since I've popped up in this space! I hope you're all doing well :)

As many of you know, I've been collecting puer tea for two decades. I really love puer but to be honest I don't drink it very often. For me it's more of a social beverage. These days I drink a lot more black tea and oolong and I've come to realize I have way more puer tea than I'll ever actually need.

I will always adore high quality loose leaf tea, but the main passions in my life these last 5 years have been music (especially the mighty UKULELE!) and helping my brilliant wife Alanna Peterson promote her amazing YA eco-thriller series, the Call of the Crow Quartet. Alanna and I are currently raising money to produce an audiobook of When We Vanished (book one of her Quartet). We need to raise about $3000 to do that project right. 

My goal with this blog post is to sell some of my puer collection to help finance the audiobook. I have lots of great aged sheng puer that I'm willing to sell. All the prices below are negotiable.

How was the tea stored?  

All of my puer tea is stored together on four shelves in the corner of my office in Seattle, Washington, USA. A curtain is hung over the front to block out light. Most cakes are wrapped in their original paper. Some cakes are broken up into tins or ceramic jars.

How will sales be handled? 

Please email me to get the ball rolling [ blackdragontea [at] gmail [dot] com ]. I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have. You can pay with PayPal or Venmo (or cash if you're local and we can manage to get together). Then, I'll ship or deliver your tea ASAP. 

Here's what I'm selling! *If I ever did a review on my blog of the tea I'll provide the link in the title :)

1. 2004 Awazon Sheng Cake Whole Cake 340g $75 (2 available)

2. 2003 Zi Yun Hao Sheng Cake Whole Cake $350g for $200 

3. 2006 Xi Zi Hao Ban Zhang Natural Habitat Cake Partial Cake 370g $125 *SOLD

4. 2006 Jinggu Da Bai Hao Partial Cake 320g for $100

5. 2002 Nu Er Gang Tea Sheng Cake. Whole Cake 395g for $100 (1 available); Partial Cake 390g for $90 (1 available)

6. 2009 Wu Liang Lan Xiang from Yunnan Sourcing Partial Cake 340g $225

7. 2005 Langhe factory Sheng Cake Partial Cake already broken up into chunks ~218g for $100. I will include this cool ceramic caddie it's been living in if you want it. *SOLD

8. 2007 5th International Aged Puer Party Memorial Cake Partial Cake ~320g $125

9. 2010 Ban Pen Sheng Cake. Purchased from Essence of Tea. Almost whole cake ~235g. $50  *SOLD

10. 2009 Da Qiu Feng from Yunnan Sourcing Partial Cake $340g for $225

11. 2006 Da Bai Hao Partial Cake 370g for $100

12. 2009 Guan Zi Zai Zao Chun Nan Nuo Shan tea cake from Yunnan Sourcing. Partial Cake 390g for $225

13. 2006 Nan Nuo Shan Six Famous Tea Mountains. Whole Cake 350g $75

14. 2006 Banzhang Lao Man E Purchased from pu-erhtea.com. Whole cake 370g for $100 (1 available); partial cake 330g for $75 (1 available)

15. 2005 Tian Yi Sheng Cake Partial cake 360g $75 *SOLD

16. 2006 Bang Wei Sheng Cake from Six Famous Tea Mountains. Partial Cake 340g for $50  

17. 2009 Man Zhuan Partial Cake 330g for $225

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