Monday, December 10, 2012

Long Spout Teapot Art

Have you ever seen Long Spout Teapot Art (長嘴壺茶藝)? I've never seen it in person but I have found quite a few cool videos floating around on the internet. It is truly amazing the way these kettles get spun, swung and poured. When the spout is pointed at the cup or gaiwan there is a second or two delay before the water actually comes out of the spout. That's my favorite part.

Here is a collection of YouTube videos showcasing this interesting skill: 

A tea-pouring shifu performs for the crowd at a teahouse in Chengdu, China
L'art de servir le thé en Chine 
Kung fu tea
Fantastic Tea Pouring Skills
長嘴壺功夫茶藝師劉緒敏 鄒濤台灣宜蘭國際蘭雨節茶棧秀茶道絕活
Can you do that?

Here is a blog post by Teavivire that goes much much deeper into the history and myths behind this fascinating art form:

The History of the Chinese Traditional Ceremony Gongfu Tea- Long Pot

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Steph said...

I've only seen online. Amazing!