Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Test Driving a Brand New Teapot

Recently my friend Chris Shaw (featured in yesterday's post) stopped by my house with a pretty little teapot that had just come out of the kiln less than 24 hours before!

The ~ 140 ml teapot is a pleasant off-white color with several tiny black dots. It is glazed on the inside and the outside and sports a 2.5 inch handle off the side. It feels smooth and balanced.

This pot is an example of Chris's newest work and the reason it's now temporarily in my possession is because Chris asked me to take it for the first test drive!

I selected a beloved aged puer (this one) for the pot's inaugural tea. After rinsing the pot I filled it half-full of large, dry, curly leaves and did a quick rinse.

Next I steeped the tea ~30 seconds and poured. Ahhhh.

This tea is always so good and nearly-impossible to mess up... but the resulting infusions, brewed in Chris's brand new teapot were extra amazing! It may have been some sort of placebo effect, but that doesn't matter to me. The tea was sublime.

But I'm not here to talk about the tea... I'm supposed to be test driving the pot!

The pot had two minor, common problems (of which Chris is already aware). The pour was slightly slower than desired and the lid-handle was a bit too small for me to get a good grip on. Nothing I can't work around. The pot did however pour smoothly and fully empty itself of tea liquor after each infusion. I rank this pot highly and look forward to brewing a few other teas in it before it must be returned to its creator.


Green Stone said...

Gorgeous teapot!

sparris said...

That's a lovely pot!

Might I take the opportunity to ask something unrelated?

I would like to know if Phoenix Tea ships internationally(I guess not since I couldn't find any indication it does, but I wanted to make sure)?
Been eyeing your Korean greens...

Brett said...

Hi Sparris. Thanks for the Comment! We do ship internationally. Please go ahead and place an order. We can always figure out the shipping charge later if need be.

teagirl400 said...

Stunning teapot, Brett! The long handle is striking, and would certainly make pouring a little easier? :)

sparris said...

Thank you! I have placed an order, can't wait to receive my teas!