Monday, March 12, 2012

1997 Yiwu Qing Ping

Back in January, Hong Kiat Chia, a generous puer lover and tea collector in Malaysia, contacted the Puer Tea Appreciation Club of Seattle on Facebook to ask about sending us a few free samples. I took him up on the offer and a few weeks later a cute little box with Malaysian stamps appeared. Inside there were two chunks of tea, wrapped in foil, and labeled "1997 Yiwu Qing Ping." I was not given the Chinese characters but I'm guessing the tea is: 易武 (Yiwu) 青餅 (Qing Bing).

A handwritten note included with the samples stated: "It's cultivated during the spring period and made from aged trees (specially selected). This tea is well known for its valuable medicinal properties. When you drink the tea, you can feel its very sweet aftertaste. It's a good quality tea stored and aged more than 12 years."

At our last P.T.A.C.O.S. meeting I started the festivities with this tea. It is just heavenly and was very well received by all present members.

I have since enjoyed a couple of solo sessions with this tea. It has a smooth, earthy, aged flavor. I note a little bit of malty grain flavors like whole wheat with a touch of rye and pepper. The aftertaste is more herbaceous such as mint and rosemary. The throat feel is sublime.

Thank you so much Hong Kiat Chia!

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