Friday, January 29, 2010

Lishan Ming Gang Tea Garden

One of the highlights of my most recent Taiwan trip was tasting tea with the proprietress of Lishan's Ming Gang Tea Garden (梨山明岡茶園). In my opinion, this little garden, about 3 kilometers outside of Lishan town, produced some amazing tea in November 2009. I bought only three jin (mainly because I didn't bring enough cash up to Lishan and there were no ATMs that took foreign cards).

Of course I really love all of the high mountain oolong teas that I chose to import during this month's buying and learning trip... but my two personal favorites were this Da Yu Ling and this Lishan.

For today's review I used my small gaiwan (100 ml) with about 5 grams of dry leaf. I steeped it many times using boiling water. In between the later steeps I played with the beautiful limp leaves. I recorded the following tasting notes during this session: fruity (mostly peach and pear), rosy, sulfur (as in natural hotsprings), buttery, and mineral.

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Unknown said...

Glad you finally got your tea from Customs. And while I've never been a big Taiwan oolong drinker, I think I might just need to start, your making them sound and look great.