Monday, August 24, 2009

League of Pots #019

Code Name: "El Greco" (希臘人)

Material: Black Clay
Height: 8 cm
Length (handle to spout): 13 cm
Volume: 175 ml

Brews: Sheng Puer (生普洱)
Specialty: Wild leaf, old tree, aged sheng puer.
Story: El Greco is the teapot that I bought during my first trip to Fenqihu, Taiwan (奮起湖, 台灣) back in 2006. I wrote about the day I bought El Greco in this old blog post.
Super Powers: El Greco is a code and language master. He can speak, read and write any language fluently and has never come across a code he couldn't break!

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Anonymous said...

If this pot speaks Pu-erh it's a language I understand well. Me and millions of other enlightened poeple. --Spirituality of Tea