Thursday, December 4, 2008

League of Pots #013

Code Name: "Blue Plum" (藍梅)

Material: Fine Bone China
Height (not including handle): 11 cm
Length (back to spout): 17 cm
Weight: 504 grams
Volume: 700 ml

Brews: Blue Plum is great for brewing any type of tea
Specialty: Wenshan Baozhong (文山包種)
Story: I bought this beautiful teapot with 4 matching cups from the Teacup about 3 years ago. My good friend and former coworker Heidi rang up the sale. After my employee discount it cost $130. At the time that was the most I've ever spent on teaware. Now the most is "Double Dragon" (He cost me about $200).
Super Powers: Blue Plum can swim better and faster than a shark and she can breathe under water.


Bret said...

Hi Brett, do you offer on line sales of tea and tea ware?

Brett said...

Hi Bret,
Thanks for the comments!

I am the manager of Teacup (a retail tea shop/cafe in Seattle). We are online at

BDTB does not regularly sell tea or teaware but when I do have something to sell I'll make an annoucement to my email list. (Please email me at if you'd like to join that list.)

Right now I'm only using this blog to cronicle my personal tea experiences. I hope people find it educational and/or entertaining.