Thursday, December 4, 2008

League of Pots #011

Code Name: "Sara" (莎拉)

Material: Green Celedon Pottery Kyusu
Height: 9cm
Length (handle to spout at right angle): 24cm
Weight: 603 grams
Volume: 400 ml

Brews: All types of tea
Specialty: Japanese and Korean green teas
Story: I purchased Sara with her matching cooling bowl, and three matching cups from a thrift store here in Seattle. The pieces were being sold separately $2 for the pot, and $0.99 for the cooling bowl, and cups. All of the pieces were in perfect condition! Whoever it was who was crazy enough to get rid of this teapot... I thank you very much! This was a major "thrift store score" and I use her often to make tea.
Super Powers: Sara can sing a beautiful melody. Anyone who hears her tune will fall fast asleep, and be unable to wake up until Sara releases them from her spell.

1 comment:

Bret said...

Beautiful Kyusu and cups. I,ve been collecting Celadon for a while now (mostly from Hou De) my latest obsession.