Monday, October 6, 2008

League of Pots #002

Code Name: "Xiao Xiao" (小小)

Material: Dark Brown Clay
Height: 5.5cm
Length (handle to spout): 9cm
Weight: 59 grams
Volume: 75 ml

Brews: Puer Tea
Specialty: Ripe (Black) Puer
Story: I bought Xiao Xiao from a local tea lover (thank you Andrew) last year.
I'm not sure who made him.
Super Powers: He can lift 1000x his own body weight!

1 comment:

tieguanyin said...

Hello Brett,

Cool blog you have here. I also own an identical teapot to your Xiao Xiao - minus the thread connecting the lid to the teapot(although I am not sure mine has the same super powers as yours ;)).

I bought mine at the Ten Ren store in chicago's Chinatown. I like its small size. When I first saw it, I knew I had found a pot for cooked puerh. It has served in that role admirably =D! I am still looking for a small one for raw puerh.

Best of luck navigating the French tea blogosphere! I speak the language of Voltaire fluently, if you ever need help figuring out what is going on, drop me a line.

Have a good tea day,