Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alishan Gift

My friend's parents recently returned from Taiwan and... lucky me... I scored some Alishan High Mountain Tea (阿里山高山茶) as a belated Christmas present!

The gift came in a red and gold bag with a beautiful crane and white flowers printed on it. The Chinese words on the bag claim this tea is: "Gold Ranking Collectable Tea" (黃金般的茶臻藏) and "Emperor Worthy Tea" (皇帝般的茶饗). The brand appears to be "金藏茶宴."

Lets see if the contents are truly "Emperor Worthy!"

The dry leaves look and smell amazing. They are large, loosely rolled, and possessing of fat long stems. My mouth begins to water.

This is an incredible tea in my opinion. The flavor transports me right back to Alishan. The tea soup is so fragrant with notes of orange zest, honeysuckle and cinnamon bark. The mouth-feel is thick with delightful syrupy and sparkly elements. The tea continued its greatness throughout 12 infusions and the aftertaste was clean, brisk and long-lasting. The spent leaves and thick soft stems radiate health and vitality. The tea left me feeling alert, creative and comfortable. Ahh. There can be no doubt I love good high mountain oolong. 謝謝 Janice and Mo!


Sal Coraccio said...

Big fan of high mountain oolong myself - any idea where I might purchase this one you were lucky enough to have gifted to you?

Thank you,


Unknown said...

It looks very similar to the Oolong I purchased last year. I have 10 pounds of it that I have been sitting on until my website is fully built. Be happy to send you a sample if you want to get more.

Brett said...

Thanks for these comments Friends!

@Sal - I'm really not sure. If you google 金藏茶宴 you'll find several Taiwanese sites selling this brand but I can't be sure if it's the same tea. Also, Cinnabar's and My tea biz has a selection of super High Mountain Taiwanese oolongs right now. Please take a look and email me if you have any questions about them. (And if you're ever in the Seattle area let me know and we'll drink tea together!)

@Cloud - Your website is looking great. Best of luck with your tea biz.

Nick Herman said...

Yep, I have yet to taste oolongs in the USA that were of same quality as I had while in stuff tends to stay within the borders, as MarshalN has pointed out.