Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Little C!

Today is my darling daughter's 4th Birthday! She is a sweet, sensitive and brilliant girl who fills my heart with love and pride.

She loves to brew tea with me and I think this wonderful quote perfectly illustrates why:
"What the adult does, feels, and thinks are all imitated by the child under seven years, so complete attention to the task in hand, with a care, love, and joy in the doing, actually helps in the formation of the child's physical body."
- Rudolf Steiner


Sara Shacket said...

so sweet! Happy Birthday! My daugther turned 4 in august, and loves to steep tea with me as well. My little guy turns 2 on Thursday! He has already started to steal sips from my cup!

Israel said...

Happy Birthday from the Rockies.

Paula said...

Your daughter looks adorable! Methinks you may have a little assistant in the years to come. :)

-- Oriental Tea