Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bamboo Haiku

I think bamboo is such a beautiful and fascinating plant. It can be made into all manner of useful things such as tools, houses, musical instruments, paper, clothes, food, etc. In my house we even have bamboo cloth diapers. In Asia there are many myths and stories that equate bamboo with longevity, nobility and elegance. It has also inspired some breathtaking paintings, stunning poems, and the following five haiku.

Bamboo carved tea tools,
warming vessels, rinsing leaves.
The tea is ready.

Dearest thirsty guest,
today we will sip as one.
Whip it, whip it good.

Rode for many miles,
All through jungles dark and old.
Think I lost my bike.

Rustling bamboo grove.
Filtered sun through verdant leaves.
A cute girl smiling.

Dude in search of tea,
I hope you can find your way,
among yellow bamboo.


Split/Gender said...

Bamboo is very beautiful, your haiku's make them even more dear.


Alanna said...

These are some of the best haiku I've read in a long time! I am especially partial to #4 ;)

Steph said...

Love this post! Just found the adding you to my rolling list. ;-) Cheers!