Monday, October 3, 2011

Northwest Tea Festival Wrap Up

This weekend my business partner Cinnabar, her husband, and I, were all at Northwest Tea Festival to represent our business Phoenix Tea. On Sunday, we were joined by our talented potter friend Chris Shaw who displayed his work at our booth. We all had a great time, met many new tea lovers, and saw a lot of old tea friends too.

Many thanks are due to Julee, Doug, Kyohei, Annie, Ken, and Anne Marie. These local tea lovers put in a ton of hard work and months of planning to pull off this grand event.

I'd also like to thank the thousands of lovely folks who attended. What a beautiful, diverse and vibrant tea scene we have in the Pacific Northwest!

Here's a peek inside our booth.

And another peek.

Beautiful clay teaware crafted by our buddy Chris Shaw.


Marlonm said...

What teas did you pour at the festival? What were people's reactions?

Paul Currington said...

You guys were one of the best booths at the festival. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

Brett said...

Good question Marlonm. Thanks for the comment! We poured so many teas. The Kenyan White tea and the Feng Qing Hong Cha cake were very well received. Also, folks seemed to love all the Canton Tea Co products and the two Spring 2011 High Mountain Oolongs.

Thanks for the kind words Paul. Your blog is hilarious!

TP said...

So glad I could make it and say hi, even for a brief min! Y'all had a beautiful booth and delicious teas (not that I'm surprised at all :)). The Kenyan white was new to me, and the cooked puerh was probably my favorite. Cheers,