Friday, January 21, 2011

Lavender Garden Restaurant

Exactly one year ago today, I was treated to an unforgettable meal at Taipei's 天母古道森林花園. This beautiful vegetarian restaurant is located in Taipei's Tian Mu (天母) neighborhood and uses the English name Lavender Garden.

It was pretty dark when my hosts and I stopped in for dinner, so we were not able to see much of the lush green hills that stand mostly undeveloped in the background of the restaurant. I was also told that, as its Chinese name suggests, this restaurant marks the entrance to a lovely hiking trail around Yang Ming Shan (陽明山).

With its spacious and arty interior and its focus on healthy upscale cuisine, Lavender Garden reminded me a little bit of Seattle's own little veggie treasure "Cafe Flora."

I would without a doubt recommend this place to any travelers who want to splurge on a delicious and innovative meat-free meal while in Taipei.

Check out pictures #6 (vegetarian black tea jello) through #12 (the only raw salad I've ever had in Taiwan) on my post Vegan Taiwan Gallery #2 to see all of the things I ate at Lavender Garden.


Marlena said...

This is lovely, thanks for sharing

Nicole Manha said...

Wow! We've gotta go. I've been thinking lately about how much fun we had in Taiwan.

GreenTaiwan said...

Went there last night and it's great. Lovely food and owner couple..

Owner will get me a supply of pine nuts too - bonus!!