Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Tea Blog Carnival

I'm proud to host this month's Tea Blog Carnival presented by the Association of Tea Bloggers. The theme is "a memorable outdoor tea experience" and it is my hope that these posts inspire readers to enjoy their own tea picnics!

Contributors to this month's carnival are:
✰ ExoticTeaBlog: Tea Experience Ethiopia
✰ Gongfu Girl: Drinking Tea Outdoors in the Wilds of Suburban Portland, Oregon
✰ Walker Tea Review: Tea outdoors with Pierre Sernet
✰ Chadao, Way of Tea Europe: Tea Outdoor
✰ The Sip Tip: Outdoor Tea
✰ That Pour Girl: Tea Blog Carnival No. 4
✰ Black Dragon Tea Bar: Blanket Time

The Pinglin Tea Museum's Garden.
I drank tea here on a warm rainy day in 2005.

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Brandon said...

What great timing - I am planning another tea picnic this weekend.