Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vegan Taiwan Gallery #2

I am happy to know that I have a lot of veg' and veg'-curious readers! According to Google Analytics, my original Vegan Taiwan Gallery post (from March 12, 2009) is one of the top five posts for bringing new people to my blog.

So for all of you fine fellow foodies... here are a few photos of some of the more interesting things that I ate during my January, 2010 trip to Taiwan.

These crisp fruits tasted like pears but they had pits.
Anybody know what they're called?

At a hotpot place in Taipei where everybody got their own pot built right into the table!

Tea oil noodles.

Fried tofu.
(It was very dry but luckily they gave us some sweet/spicy dipping sauce).

Sauteed greens with ginger.

Vegetarian black tea jello.

Warm passion fruit juice with lime.

Curried veggies and tofu with peanut sauce and coconut milk.
(It doesn't look too good but it was.)

Spicy Thai noodles with faux shrimp.

Another great vegan hotpot!

Italian style veggie soup.

The only raw salad I've ever had in Taiwan.
Served with passion fruit dressing. Yum!

Baked sweet potatoes.

Wok fried greens.

Flavorful stewed veggies.

Soup with potato, enoki mushrooms and weird gluten balls.

Cheap lunch of instant noodles and a Lishan pear.

Best fried tofu ever.

Best stir fried mushrooms ever.

Got to have soup!
This one has those oddly yummy flowers and sliced ginger.

Stir fried wild fiddle heads with garlic and ginger.

Green beans with hot peppers.

More fried tofu.

Thai style eggplant with basil... always a winner!

Sauteed pineapple and wood ear mushrooms.
(Yes, you read that correctly.)

A hearty veg-beef stew.

S T I N K Y T O F U!

Spicy stinky tofu on a stick.

Sweet mochi and bean soup.

A weird radish cake with spicy garlic sauce.

Light breakfast at a Buddhist buffet.


Alanna said...

Yum! These all look so delicious. Especially that fried tofu stir fry dish. And the veg "beef" stew. And those hot pots. Wish I had been there to sample all the delights!

Justice said...

Mouth watering -- you ate so much good food in one week! Veg-tastic!

CindyW said...

Wow, just incredible. I'm jealous -- I've wanted to try stinky tofu for a while now. What did you think of it?

Allison said...

It all looks delicious, except maybe that stinky tofu :) I google it awhile back and that fruit at the top of your page is called jujube fruit, sometimes referred to as chinese date or red date (the green fruit is actually unripe); I don't know the chinese word for them though.

Brett said...

Cindy - Stinky Tofu (aka Chou Do Fu) is very garlicky and smells terrible. It can be a bit spicy too. It's not good but it's not terrible either. Most people I know can "stomach it" but they often have wildly varying levels of taste appreciation.

But because it is a Taiwan night market institution and it's cheap everybody should try it at least once.

Anonymous said...

Hope this Taiwanese tourism brochure helps. You'll find the Chinese name for your "mysterious" fruit on page 2.