Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shu Shu and Brett at Lishan

Nihao Tea Friends! Here is a short (and dorky) video of Shu Shu and I enjoying the view from a little hilltop pagoda near Lishan, Taiwan (梨山,台灣).

I hope you found the terrible sound and shaky camera work to be more cute than annoying :)


Anonymous said...

Charming and informative.

Nicole Manha said...

What happened to his foot??!! Did I miss a post?

Brett said...

Hi Meimei, Yep, the poor lil guy broke his foot while hiking around Lishan. I still have it (the foot, that is) and I plan to re-attach it w/ super glue soon. Did you see my last post in Feb. called "missing somthing?"