Saturday, March 27, 2010

Teacup Classes Are Going Great!

It has been such an honor to host different tea classes several times a month at the Teacup! I have met so many wonderful people and received some great feedback. One gentleman (who came as a part of Seattle's coffee meet up group from told me that "I was charging too little for my classes" (I only charge $3) because he "got so much out of it." I live for hearing stuff like that, and for seeing the happy look on people's faces when they experience really good tea for the first time!

My first class back in May of 2009 was Green Tea 101, since then I have presented all of these classes too (some of them more than once): A World of Tea, Advanced Tea Brewing, Exotic Tea Tasting, Green and White Tea Brewing Workshop, Gongfu Tea Brewing Workshop, Herbal Tea Tasting Party, Iced Tea Class, Black Tea Tasting, Intro to Oolongs, Taiwanese Oolongs, Tea Tour of China, Tea Tour of India and Tea Tour of Japan! I am always brainstorming new class ideas and welcome any suggestions you may have.

I'll continue to announce my tea classes in the first few days of each month via blog, facebook, twitter, and email list and I hope to see you soon at a class!

Below are seven photos* from my March 25th Gongfu Tea Brewing Workshop:

*The first three were taken by my friend Michael, the next two by my friend Denise and the last two by me.

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