Monday, March 15, 2010

League of Pots #022

Code Name: "Sapphire" (藍寶石 )

Type: 2 cup Chatsford teapot
Material: Ceramic
Height: 10 cm
Length (handle to spout): 18 cm
Volume: 355 ml

Brews: Most types of tea brew well in Sapphire.
Specialty: She can always be counted on for a nice pot of Darjeeling.
Story: I bought Sapphire 8 years ago at Teacup. I used her to brew herbal blends and chai for a few years, back when I used to drink those types of infusions more regularly. Sadly, Sapphire has been sitting unused in a drawer for almost five years now... but due to a recent wave of small teapot breakages at Teacup, she will soon "come out of retirement" and make tea for my clients at work!
Super Powers: Sapphire can transform herself into a bolt of hot blue electricity which she can use to fry people, travel quickly through power lines, damage, repair or "talk to" electronics or simply to recharge her cell phone.

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Nicole said...

I have a very similar pot in that same color and it is one of my favorites :)