Thursday, July 21, 2011

Korean Lotus Root Infusion

My new friend Jason C. (president of the Penn State Tea Institute) recently returned from another one of his Asian tea treks. While he was in Korea I emailed him about my desire for some "primo Korean green tea." Jason didn't find any worthy specimens so instead I was so generously treated to a small can of dried lotus root tea!

The lotus is a beautiful and useful edible plant. It carries deep symbolic meanings for Buddhists. I've eaten lotus root before and found it to be quite delicious but for some reason I'd never thought about infusing it as a herbal tea. As it turns out lotus root tea is a very popular beverage the world over. The folks at Eden Foods state that lotus root tea is a macrobiotic staple and "long valued for its contribution to respiratory health."

I steeped about 8 slices of lotus root in ~8 ounces of boiling hot water for 5 minutes. The resulting cup had a pleasing amber color. The aroma was roasty, earthy and savory and it reminded me somewhat of french fries. The flavor in the mouth was a lovely surprise. It had a sweet, nutty, oolong-like flavor that I found slightly floral and very satisfying. I'm excited to have discovered this exotic infusion.


Mrs. Wright said...

Sounds daughter is in Korea until next week perhaps I should suggest she bring Lotus Root back? I noticed you mentioned Eden Foods carries it. Is it the same brand your friend carried from Korea? Loved your Garden party pics...made me a little homesick!

Be Well Always...

Patrick said...

This sounds quite tasty, now I'm excited to return to Penn State in the fall and see what Jason has sent to our tea house.

-Pat P.

Brett said...

Mrs W. I'm not sure where Eden Foods gets theirs but I'm usually happy with their products. Thanks for reading!

Patrick - It sounds like you'll be sampling a lot of excellent teas real soon. You're a lucky guy!