Thursday, June 28, 2012

2012 Pre-Qingming Da Fo Longjing

Last week I traded some tea with my generous friend Israel (of Tea Sleuth blog). One of the treasures I scored was this fresh Dragon Well green tea from Life in Teacup. This will be the first tea I've ever sampled from this company although I've been a devoted fan of proprietress Gingko's blog for several years.

The full name of this tea is 2012 Pre-Qingming Da Fo Longjing (明前頭採大佛龍井) and all of its vital statistics can be found here.

Each leaf and bud set has a similar size, shape and color (a mix of jade green, pea green and yellow). They are very beautiful and have a wonderful nutty, sweet, grassy aroma.

I selected a 100 ml gaiwan with about 3 grams of dry leaf for today's review. These parameters yielded three superb infusions with 165° F water. The first and second steeps were about 1 minute and the third was about 2 minutes.

The tea soup is a sunny yellow color with many tiny flecks of oil glistening on the surface. A preliminary sniff triggers salivation via its rich, toasty aroma. This tea is everything I look for in good Dragon Well green tea. It has a thick, brothy mouth-feel and a sweetness like fresh picked snow peas. 很好喝!

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