Wednesday, August 31, 2011

League of Pots #29

Code Name: Pebbles

Material: Stone
Height: 7 cm
Length (handle to spout): 15.5 cm
Volume: 230 ml
Weight: 300 g

Brews: Any type of unscented tea.
Specialty: Lightly Oxidized High Mountain Oolong.
Story: Pebbles was an unexpected gift from my neighbor.
Super Powers: Pebbles' rock hard exoskeleton makes her virtually indestructible. She can transform into a massive boulder and crush her enemies flat.


A Girl With Tea said...

I love the look of this stone teapot! The design is exquisite :)

Alex Zorach said...

This is a beautiful has something organic-looking about it...almost reminiscent of a snail or conch and its shell, with the combination of the curves in the lid and handle, and the patterns in the stone.

吉道 said...

It looks like a "stone ladle" teapot (石瓢). I've never seen one literally made out of stone before!