Friday, June 17, 2011

Taiwanese Night Market Gallery

I normally avoid shopping and crowds but whenever I'm in Taiwan I'll always make an exception (or two) to visit a night market. I'm sure if you're a local they seem like a totally normal, ho-hum part of city life... but for an outsider like myself they can be very chaotic and surreal. This photo gallery attempts to capture some of the mind-bending excitement and disoriented delight that I've experienced at night markets in both Taipei and Taichung.

A Never Ending River of People


All Hail the Shiny Blue Octopus!

That Tricky Turkish Ice Cream Man in Taichung

R-rated Holiday Signage

The Perfect Gift for your Sacrilegious
Cubicle-Working Friend

Young Man getting set up for some
two-necked, delay pedal, shoe-gazing fun!

This gal rocked.

Night Market Shirt #1

It says:
evirob is the essence of weird life it will make you too ill try our extraodiary works you can find it's another stadard Produced and Designed by Devil Robots licened by intel

Night Market Shirt #2

It says:
Radic Color We Love Music and You
...and on the back it says:
Addicted to Junks!

Do you have pictures of fun (or crazy) things that you've seen at a Taiwanese night market? If so, and this post inspired you, please email them to me and I'll put together a second gallery consisting of reader submissions. Please adhere to the usual online photo rules by only sending photos that you yourself took, and are free of nudity. (R-rated or suggestive photos that are "more funny than they are rude" may be considered.) Xiexie!

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David said...

Oh Brett, you gotta stop posting about Taiwan. I always get an intense longing to visit again even though I know it won't be for a while. Oh, Taiwan...

BTW, I'll look through my photos to see if I have anything from our trip.