Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Sneak Peek at the Seattle Chinese Garden

A few days ago, the fine folks at Seattle Chinese Garden (西華園) threw a party to celebrate the opening of their main courtyard and I was invited to pour the tea.

The courtyard is called Knowing the Spring (知春院) and was recently finished by Chinese artisans visiting from Chengdu. Although there is still lots of exciting work to be done over the next few years, the garden will open to the public starting February 6, 2011 (please check the official website for hours).

Here is a little peek at the finished courtyard.

Fireworks popping outside the elegant and humble entry gate.

Inside the courtyard

Beautiful Stones

Ceremonial gate interior view

Ceremonial gate exterior view

Before you go.... Click here to view an über dreamy map of how amazing our city's garden will someday be.


learning to pull radishes said...

Finally Seattle gets a Chinese Garden! Now I don't have to travel to Portland to get my fix. But is there a tea house in the plans for the future? I sure hope so. Seattle would love that, I'm sure :)

corax said...

gorgeous garden, gorgeous photos. thanks for this information!