Monday, February 21, 2011

Pile of Squid

I saw these stinky little fellows on sale near Yeliu in northern Taiwan.

Would you eat one?

I would not.


Alex Zorach said...

I've eaten dried squid before; it can be delicious.

As for fresh squid, I cook it regularly; it's one of my favorite foods. Squid, epsecially small squid like these, is sustainable, healthy, and relatively free of contaminants like mercury and PCB's.

It's also a good buy by the pound because, unlike whole fish, there are few parts of it that are inedible...a few parts around the head and then a few pieces of cartilage and the rest is all OM NOM NOM material.

Brett said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comment Alex! More power to you eating squid.

I'll agree that they are relatively sustainable (especially when compared to big polluters such as beef, pork, foul, larger fish, factory-farmed milk and factory-farmed eggs) but I'm going to disagree with you on on taste (yuck) and texture (yuck).

They may be a healthy choice... but I can think of 100s of healthier foods.

Cindy said...

I mostly definitely would! Actually you are giving me a craving for these delicious little things.

But yet, I am Taiwanese. :)