Friday, July 27, 2012

Matcha Morning

It's a beautiful cool misty morning here in Burien, Washington. I've got the door open at Phoenix Tea and I can smell the sea. My tea of choice today is a high-quality matcha (抹茶) green tea called "御薄茶万代昔" from 上林春松本店 in Japan.

Big 謝謝 to my friend Jason for hooking me up with this delicious treasure.


The Teaist said...

A beautiful little tableau. For inexperienced Matcha drinkers, what kind of Matcha would you recommend?


Brett said...

Thanks for the comment Teaist! I'm not very good at preparing matcha or very knowledgeable about the different grades. Here in Seattle we have access to many premium high-quality matcha teas and we can buy some decent commercial brands like AOI and DO MATCHA. My recommendation would be to try to connect with local people who really care about Japanese tea culture and ask them for advice preparing matcha and where they buy their tea.

Patrick said...

I purchased the same tea when I was with Jason in Japan, I've been drinking it every morning since i got back to the states! just started on my second packet, its a wonderful morning refresher!