Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 Years Old

My friend John H. recently returned from two weeks in Taiwan. One of the many tea houses he visited, Water Moon Grass (水月草堂), sounds like a particularly posh establishment and has a good reputation for aged teas.

I am a truly lucky guy because John gave me a small bag of 30 year old loose-leaf puer tea that he purchased at Water Moon Grass. The tea is from Tong Qing Hao (同慶號), a business that is said to be 272 years old.

I think this tea is one of the most complex and delicious puer teas that I have ever tasted. It is dark, rich, earthy, sweet and ever-so-luscious. The aroma teases notes of potato, ginseng and soil while the broth delivers ripe stone fruit, cocoa and malt. The aftertaste is clean, sweet and long-lasting and the effect on my body is serene and comfortable.

This ripe old tea and I have already shared 3 wonderful sessions with our friends and family but I did save one last serving just for today. Now I shall toast the start of my thirties with a tea the same vintage as myself.


the_skua said...

Very cool! 30 year old Tong Qing Hao is impressive. Glad that it was so good and that you could celebrate an important time with it.

Alanna said...

Happy birthday to my favorite blogger! I feel lucky to have shared a pot of this magnificent tea with you.

Tea Anemone said...

Congratulations, Brett! Very appropriate: to celebrate your 30th with a 30-year-old tea!

John H. said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad you enjoyed it and got to share it with friends and family.

I really love that tea store, lots of aged teas. (Thanks to my new friend Emilio in Taipei for introducing me! ).

I also brought back some 10 year old aged Oolong as well as an aged 30 year old Da Hong Pao. Delicious! I will bring those to share at the June Oolong meeting.