Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How do I fit tea into my daily life?

The theme for today's Tea Blog Carnival is "How do I fit tea into my daily life?" It is being presented by the Association of Tea Bloggers and hosted by the venerable Sip Tip blog.

Here are five reasons why I never have any problems fitting tea into my daily life:

1. I work at the Teacup in Seattle.

¡Viva la 'Cup!

2. Most of my friends and family are tea drinkers.

Chilling with my home girls:

3. Most of my travel is "tea-centric."

Whoa. That tea smells so good!

4. My house is always well stocked with great tea.

5. I make tea drinking a daily priority.


Gingko said...

These are very nice snapshots!

CindyW said...

Love that last photo of you. It's so relaxed and contemplative.

I'm reading through the rest of today's tea blog carnival now, while I sip my own cup of tea. :)