Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tea Catering in Seattle

Over the last four years B.D.T.B. has hosted about 25 wonderful public and private tea events in and around Seattle, WA. For more information on my Chinese style tea catering services, please check out this link or email me.

Last month I was hired to serve tea for a small group on Seattle's Queen Anne hill. My friend/client took some wonderful photos and wrote this nice endorsement for my tea service:

"Our friends had spent 5 years building a tea house and Brett inaugurated it with a beautiful Gong Fu tea ceremony. His love of teas is infectious and his knowledge of the tea history and technique is superb. And then there are the teas themselves: Brett knows them all and probably know the actual tea growers of many. Our friends will always remember Brett and the ceremony as well as the teas which were amazing!"
- Larry J.

Thank you so much Larry!

Brewing a delicious aged puer cake
using a pot named Vortex:

(photo by Larry J.)

If any of my readers have ever had a memorable or inspirational experience drinking tea with me, I'd love to hear from you in a blog comment or if you email me one I can add it below. Namaste.

"I have known Brett from his first days at the Teacup and have been thrilled to see how he has embraced the world of tea and become extremely knowledgeable. It is always a delight to have tea with Brett. He is not only very well versed in the world of tea, but is charming and fun to be around. I can't think of anyone with whom I would rather "take tea" ~Michael M.

" Brett served tea at my dessert parties several times, and always does an excellent job matching various teas to my particularly diverse spread of pastries. He usually ends up selling more product than I do! I would recommend Brett to cater any event." ~Lexington Alexander

"I have had the good fortune to attend numerous tea tastings with Brett, wherein he generously shares his time, knowledge, and experience and passes on his love and devotion of quality teas. Furthermore, I am encouraged by his own research and dedication, for he travels often to the source countries throughout the year, and deals only with trusted sellers so I know I'm getting what I'm paying for. Soon after meeting Brett, I developed a nice little tea drinking hobby myself, and now have several different tea pots to accommodate the various kinds of tea I enjoy daily. Thanks Brett for boiling down (pun intended) this complex and aromatic world so I and my friends can appreciate and share in it. Xiexie" ~Michael Anderson

"As an acupuncturist I consider it my duty and privilege to promote tea drinking to my patients- as a tonic to the body, mind and spirit. I was fortunate enough to know Brett and had him come to my office one evening for an "educational tea party" for my patients. Brett truly embodies the full depth of how to understand and enjoy tea, balancing his presentation with knowledge (food for the mind), experiencing tea with all the senses (food for the spirit), and a well brewed pot of tea to drink (food for the body). Even after more than a year, my patients who enjoyed Brett's tea service still ask about him and recount their experience and what they learned. It was a great evening and I plan on having another event hosted by Black Dragon Tea Bar this year!" ~Leslie Suggett, L.Ac. One Earth Natural Medicine

"Brett brought Black Dragon Tea Catering to my house for a guided tour of tea. We began with something recently picked and ended with an old puer. With Brett, tea assumes its rightful place in our lives. We drink and imagine a green mountain in Yunnan Province or workers processing towers of leaves. I often sit alone and drink my cup without really thinking. Black Dragon brings ritual, reverence and sheer delight to the simultaneously simple and profound experience of drinking tea." ~Karen Ann Chalupnik

"oh wow. holy shit, Brett. you ARE the man." - Kramer


David said...

One of my most memorable experiences with Brett is the day I first met him at the Teacup. I was just beginning my journey into tea with my first taste of oolongs a very recent memory. I walked into the Teacup to find out if oolongs were as bad as I the ones I had tasted from other Seattle tea establishments and withing minutes I was immersed in the world of oolong with Brett as my guide. Over the course of tasting half a dozen different oolongs I became enchanted by the world of Chinese and Taiwanese teas. I was hooked (or dare I say addicted now). After that I was making my way down to Seattle from Bellingham to visit Brett (and of course my family who happened to be in the same town) every few weeks to taste, buy, and expand my knowledge of tea. Thank you Brett for helping me start my journey into the world of teas oh so many years ago!!!

Mel!ssa said...

My sweetie and I attended a couple of Brett's tea tastings at the Vegetarian Teapot several years ago, and were delighted with his obvious love of the subject and the extent of his knowledge. I've attended many of his events since then, and never get tired of learning from him and watching the attention and care that he puts into sharing his lovely teas. I affectionately refer to him as my Tea Geek, and I'm glad to be counted among his tea friends. I'm also awfully glad to have been introduced to the beauty that is high-mountain oolong. :)

Michi said...

One of the most wonderful teachers! I always look forward to your classes, because I leave with great knowledge and wonderful tea!

Michi said...

By the way, I meant to tell you Brett - after your last class I had the opportunity to have some WONDERFUL naturally aged RAW Puh'r and I LOVED IT!!! I love it! So thank you, xie xie, for making that introduction for me. If you get the chance (not yet, because she doesn't have any to purchase yet - it's being shipped as I type this. Wait a month or so), go into Xiu Xian Teahouse in Bellevue's Crossroads (a bit far out, I know- but worth the trip). Her actual Chinese selection is lovely (includes Xin Yang maofeng, Long Ke and a great deal of other nice greens & wulongs) and she is my raw puh'r supplier now. ^__^ Hope you have the chance and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

To follow up on my last comment I just wanted to say that Brett's classes and tastings are always a treat because you walk away with SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE (I have notebooks dedicated to his classes alone - seriously) and, of course, MORE good tea! It's a pleasure to have him as one of my teachers and I look forward to our next class!