Monday, November 3, 2008

What is the Black Dragon Tea Bar?

I started the Black Dragon Tea Bar (烏龍茶几) on May 1, 2004 here in Seattle, Washington. This small business provides tea education, tea catering and bulk tea sales. I operate the business out of my home and thus do not have a "brick and mortar" store. My goal with BDTB is to promote the healthy ritual of daily tea drinking. To achieve this goal, I simply serve people excellent tea. That is really all it takes, because once people have tasted "the good stuff" they usually fall head over heels in love with it. That's what happened to me and I'll bet that's what happened to you too.

In these last years since I started my business, I have brewed thousands of cups of tea for clients at many different locations around the city (such as: private houses, restaurants, art galleries, Microsoft campus, Seattle Chinese Garden and the University of Washington.) Because I incorporate intriguing tea stories and traditional Chinese music, my tea catering service provides entertainment, education and healthy refreshment! I also host occasional tea festivals and tea "meet-up" events around Seattle. If you would like to join my email list for invitations to these events, or if you would like to get more information about my tea catering service, please contact me at

*** Update January 2012 - Black Dragon Tea Bar now only exists as this blog. All of my local tea catering and bulk tea sales are now part of Cinnabar's and my business Phoenix Tea.

A photo of me serving tea at the ArtXChange gallery:

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Rick said...

Thanks Brett. I've enjoyed reading your wonderful blog, and will continue to do so. Like you, I fell head over heels in love with "the good stuff" after years of drinking lesser quality tea. Now I'm hooked, and very determined to learn all I can about tea and tea culture.

A question for you is this: as someone who knows quality tea and teaware, can you recommend a source for good quality Yixing teapots? I've looked on the web, but am confused by the significant differences in price at various vendors. Any guidance you can offer is greatly appreciated.