Sunday, November 30, 2008

Teacup's New Spot!

After 18 wonderful years at 2207 Queen Anne Ave. N. in Seattle, the Teacup has moved to an even better location! Our new store (at 2128 Queen Anne Ave. N.) is twice as big, and much more visible. We are now at the busy corner of Queen Anne Avenue and Boston Street. Locals sometimes call this intersection "Caffeine Corner," since there were coffee shops on nearly every corner. Teacup's big move signals that coffee is out and tea is in here on Queen Anne!

Elisabeth (the owner of Teacup), Zen, Charlie, and Lydia, along with others, worked very hard for over three months to bring us this fantastic new store.

This weekend (November 28th to November 30th) was our grand opening weekend. I worked on Friday and Saturday and had a lot of fun. The store was literally overflowing with new and old customers who came by to see our awesome new location. Customers were impressed by the lovely paint and furnishings. Also, many people approved of all the natural light we receive through our large glass windows. Teacup is a Queen Anne hilltop institution and most people are thrilled that we will remain just that.

I take a lot of pride in my work at Teacup and I have personally provided thousands of people with a great tea drinking and/or tea buying experience. I'm also very happy that our small business is experiencing sensible and sustainable growth in these unfavorable economic times.

Please check out Queen Anne View blog for another nice article on our move.

A photo of the store from across the street:

Regular customers drinking tea:

Customer buying bulk tea:


Alanna said...

I LOVE the new location--so beautiful and spacious (and, at the same time, quite cozy). Thanks to all the Teacuppers for your hard work in making this move happen--it is so worth it!

Sara said...

Now Teacup has the elegant, classy space it deserves. Yay, Teacup on the new move!

quuenofbarcoding said...

i have passed that corner so many times and strangely i can't recall what it was before. teacup looks so fit in there, great move! wish i could visit soon. now you have more storage room i bet :p