Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shu Shu's Mandarin Lesson #3

Hi everybody. It's time for another Mandarin lesson with me Shu Shu the tea dragon!

Today's phrases are:

早安 = Good Morning
早 = zǎo (rhymes with "wow") = morning
安 = ān = peace

你舒服嗎? = Are you comfortable?
你 = nǐ = you
舒服 = shūfu (pronounced "shoe foo") = comfortable
嗎 = ma (pronounced "muh") = this particle makes the sentence a question

謝謝老師 = Thank you teacher
謝謝 = xièxie (sounds kind of like "shayshay") = thank you or thanks
老師 = lǎoshī = (lao rhymes with "wow" and shi sounds like "sure") = teacher

Shu Shu says: "I really hope he pours that hot tea on my head!"

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