Monday, June 10, 2019

You Should Read My Wife's Amazing First Novel

I want you to know that my brilliant wife Alanna has been hard at work for over 5 years writing an incredible, thrilling, young adult fiction Quartet! (that's 4 amazing books ya'll !). This series has something for everyone. I've read them all (at least 4 times now :), I love them beyond reason, and I can't wait to talk with other people about them.

Alanna is releasing book one, "When We Vanished" on June 15th in online serial novel format. The easiest way to enjoy the ride is to give her your email address on her website. It's totally free and it's legit and it would make Alanna's heart soar to know that you're interested in reading her work. It's YA but I strongly believe most adults will love these books. And if it's not for it's easy to unsubscribe.

And please share the link to her website with anyone you know who loves fresh, tight glorious well plotted fiction with amazing, deep, real, characters!

Here is her Website:
Enter your email where it says "subscribe for updates."

Thank you So SO Much!
Brett Boynton, Oolong Lover, Uke Player and Alanna Peterson Fanboy

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