Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Garden Gallery

Here's a little peek at what's been going on around our yard these last few days!

I scored this massive pile of bricks from my neighbor. 
So much of my time has been devoted to the ancient art of "brick schlepping!"

Building a yellow brick road,

reinforcing this raised bed,

and thinking about putting a brick patio right here.
(That log back by the fence is my shiitake mushroom log. I'll let you know if it ever fruits.)

The front yard is looking pretty good, though it could stand some more weeding. Chives, kiwi, rosemary, mint, wintergreen, salal and many other plants are doing well here. Our little pear tree (in the middle, surrounded by fava beans) is a year old now and will be flowering soon!

Speaking of flowering fruit trees, our apple tree and 
our two cherry trees are currently producing tons of lovely buds.

Here's a pic of my daughter in one of her favorite places.
Hanging out (literally) under a cherry tree.

Also in the front yard we just planted carrots, beets and potatoes.

I currently have three tea plants. This one appears to be happy and healthy

and it has quite a few pretty new buds.

My other two tea plants look like this!
Any advice on how I can make them happy again would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoyed my Spring garden gallery. Feel free to leave links to your own in the comments. I'd love to see your garden!


Israel said...

Watch out for slugs. They'll go to town on that shitake log.

Steph said...

Very nice!

Miss Myr said...

Might be iron deficiency and a bit of a fungus problem. It'd probably be best to pluck those leaves and toss them away from the garden to see if that helps stem the spread of the spots.

Craig Nigels said...

I keep several tea plants in my conservatory and the only thing that picture of the poor tea plant reminds me of is over watering with poor drainage.