Friday, February 19, 2010

Bat Nuts Revisited

Back on January 4th, I posted a short show-and-tell piece about Bat Nuts. At that point I hadn't actually ever tasted them... but now I have!

On January 22nd, I came across a steaming basket of these "wicked-little-water-caltrops" for sale on the street behind Long Shan Temple (龍山寺) in Taipei.

They tasted pretty good to me... very much like their "less-awesome-looking-water-chestnut-cousins" and having a similar crisp, crunchy texture.

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CindyW said...

I looked at photo and thought, "oh no, are those baby birds being cooked?" Then I remembered whose blog I was visiting. Thank goodness they weren't as horrifying as I first thought!

LOLing, I guess the nuts really do look they have wings.