Monday, November 2, 2009

League of Pots #021

Code Name: "Da Tong" (大同 )

Material: Ceramic
Height: 15 cm
Length (handle to spout): 25 cm
Volume: 950 ml

Brews: Any type of tea does well in Da Tong!
Specialty: He always does particularly well with loose leaf ripe puer (熟普洱).
Story: Da Tong was a gift from my friends Brandon, Jessie and Laura about three years ago. I think they found him and his six matching cups at an antique store. I call him "Da Tong" (big same) because those words are tattooed on his bottom. I use him quite often with an infuser basket to brew tea at my Teacup tea classes.
Super Powers: Da Tong has the miraculous power to turn water and leaves into delicious refreshing tea! (I must really be running out of ideas for super powers eh?)

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