Friday, February 13, 2009

Where does the Black Dragon's tea stuff live?

On the tea table in the dining room.

On a bookshelf in the bedroom.

On a little nook above the kitchen sink.

In a drawer.

In a cubical basket.

On the puer shelf in the bedroom:

Colonel Mustard in the dining room with the wrench.


tieguanyin said...

Hey Brett,

Cool pictures! I have a question about the dark colored gaiwan in the "On a little nook above the kitchen sink" picture. Is it made entirely out of clay? Or does it have a porcelain interior with a clay exterior?

Have a good tea!


Brett said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the comment!

That Gaiwan is entirely unglazed clay.


Jason said...

Oooooo, tea porn. I feel better about only having one drawer, one box and two shelves of teaware now.

plasma tv said...
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Anonymous said...

Where did you find that poster of all the different teapots on your bedroom wall?


Brett said...

Dear Micha! Thank you for all of the lovely comments. That poster was a gift from my wife and my friend Lewis Chang. I'm not sure where they found it... but needless to say it is "totally rad."